Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Term 2 experimenting

During term 2 we learnt about simple machines and forces of push and pull.  The children in Room 5 really enjoyed this learning through the term as they got to do enjoy some hands on experiences with some simple machines.  We experimented with a pulley and we tied several different objects to the end and we all had turns pulling them up.  We experimented with marbles and cars on marble tracks and wooden blocks to see how push and pull effects the motion of the objects.  Children all got wooden blocks and constructed several different ways to try and get the marbles and the cars to move fast and slow.  We spoke about what makes the objects move faster or slower.  At the end of the term we constructed cars using boxes and straws, along with bottle tops.  Children had to build a wheel and axle using the straws and bottle tops, to try and get their cars to move.

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